We are passionate about sharing Savannah’s amazing creativity with the world. Combining a unique natural beauty  with thriving music, dance, comedy, and performance scenes, Savannah continues to amaze us every day. A huge thanks to the artists and performers for giving so much of themselves to our community, and thank you for supporting all of our efforts by simply reading this. To become a member of WePlaySAV!’s broadcasting community, just click here.

What we do…

We can do many things, but primarily we are focused on providing live event coverage for the Southeast. Basically (not to say simply), we can share your event with our mobile, multi-camera broadcasting studio, and we can travel just about anywhere. With our platforms you can share your event with the world, or you can keep it a private affair. This makes us the perfect choice for covering festivals, conferences, weddings, concerts, legal depositions, and anything else you may want to get professionally recorded.

Why live stream?

Live streaming is a great way to share your moments as they happen – not after everything is over.

  • Share your wedding ceremony with loved ones who couldn’t be there in person.
  • Engage your audience, and drive attendance at your events.
  • Capitalize on social media’s preference for live videos and grow your audience.


We can help share your special moment with your family and loved ones, even if they can’t be there in person. Live streaming your wedding ceremony (and even your reception) is the perfect way to make all your loved ones feel included… they can even comment live.

No more waiting for video editing… Not only do you get a high-quality live stream, but your wedding will also be professionally recorded and available for anyone to watch immediately after the wedding. We do offer packages to create a wedding movie if you want an even more polished memory of your day. More information…

Video and Editing Services

While we specialize in live broadcasting, we offer an array of video and photography services as well. For most requests, we’ve got you covered. Our past work includes music videos, concerts, weddings, comedy shows, small community events, festivals, legal depositions, corporate seminars and more.